The Art of Self Care Ayurveda Program


The Art of Self Care Ayurveda Program


This is an in depth, 10 week program that focuses on improving every aspect of your life with simple practices from Ayurveda and Yoga.  We will cover eating, bedtime and morning routines, diet, yummy self-care practices, meditation and more.  These essential teachings will allow to live and age with grace, vibrancy and clarity. 

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What benefits will I get from The Art of Self Care Ayurveda Program?

  • an abundance of energy
  • better, more restful sleep
  • more energized upon waking 
  • improved digestion and elimination
  • a clear and light  mind (no brain fog!)
  • less feelings of fear, anger, worry or anxiety 
  • eating the right foods at the right times of the day
  • eating the right combinations of foods in the right quantity
  • a self care routine that puts YOU first and nourishes you on every level
  • a lighter and stronger body (and possibly have shed a few extra pounds)
  • a daily routine that brings a sense of calm and balance to your life
  • a deeper or more established yoga practice
  • a balanced work, social and personal life 
  • motivated and excited about your life

This is not meant to be used in place of medical advice or medical treatment.  Please consult your doctor before altering your diet or implementing any lifestyle changes.