Nadine's Cooking and Meal Planning


Nadine's Cooking and Meal Planning

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I am always asked about what I eat, how I cook, and what my favorite recipes are. Over the past ten years I have slowly shifted and refined my cooking and shopping skills and now I want to share that with you! 


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What benefits will I get from Nadine's Cooking and Meal Planning?

  • simple cooking for your dosha 
  • meal planning that is quick, easy and fun
  • cooking with dietary restrictions
  • pickling and canning 
  • creativity with cooking 
  • eating with the season 
  • meal preparation  
  • pantry assessment & overhaul 
  • grocery shopping guidance 
  • how to cook on a budget
  • eating for your dosha
  • introduction to ayurveda spices 
  • how to stock your fridge and pantry