Ayurveda Nutritional Consultation


Ayurveda Nutritional Consultation

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An in depth consultation focusing on detailed dietary advice for your dosha type and imbalance. You will learn how to best support your body through healthy food choices and tools for improving digestion. 

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What benefits will I get from an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation?

  • what foods to avoid that may trigger your chronic health issues or problems
  • the foods to eat that are most suited to your constitution (dosha type) and individual needs
  • what to do if you have eaten the wrong type of food, indulged etc
  • what you can do to support your digestion and what foods you can absorb most nutrients from
  • seasonal eating (fresh, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables)
  • eating the right foods at the right times of the day
  • eating the right combinations of foods in the right quantity
  • the best methods of preparing food, for your dosha type
  • eating hygiene – mindful eating, chewing, eating at the table, no TV etc.


This is not meant to be used in place of medical advice or medical treatment.  Please consult your doctor before altering your diet or implementing any lifestyle changes.