Benefits of Meditation: 20 Reasons to Just Do It!

By Randy Moore 

Private Meditation and Activators Stress-Release Stretching Instructor 

The benefits of medication are significant and substantiated by ongoing research and the experience of millions of people around the world. It’s very common for individuals just starting meditation to become discouraged and to give up before making meditation a new habit.

I often explain that the key to meditating is having the right motivation. In other words, make sure you are aware of the impressive benefits. Like any habit, practice enhances the experience and the results.

Another question I often hear is what makes meditation mindful? Mindful meditation refers to the opportunity to go beyond basic relaxation to cultivate greater compassion and awareness about ourselves and others. Mindful meditation offers a deeper sense of meaning which enhances our conscious awareness. Although this is not part of any religion, the positive mindset fosters spiritual growth and a greater sense of connection.

Perhaps the most important advice for people that are new to meditation is to meditate 10 minutes a day and to suspend judgement about their experience. Our minds are highly trained to be active and distracted so it takes time for most adults to quiet their mind. You will notice a difference in two weeks and even more notable changes within several weeks. The full benefit of meditation comes from a commitment that spans multiple years.


20 benefits of consistent meditation: 

  • Meditation lowers your blood pressure.
  • Meditation calms your nervous system.
  • Meditation reduces your stress level.
  • Meditation reduces cortisol in our blood.
  • Meditation fosters peace of mind.
  • Medication enhances cognition.
  • Meditation sharpens your perceptions.
  • Meditation slows your heart rate
  • Medication reduces anxiety
  • Medication reduces compulsive behavior.
  • Meditation enhances positive feelings.
  • Medication restrains egoistic impulses.
  • Meditation enhances right brain function.
  • Meditation improves sleep patterns.
  • Meditation enhances your objectivity.
  • Mediation enhances your self-respect.
  • Meditation fosters a sense of unity.
  • Meditation enhances creativity.
  • Meditation helps you to be more open.
  • Meditation slows down the effects of aging.