Functional Fitness Training 

Schedule a private session with Mia Voigt for a comprehensive physical movement assessment for a specific injury or to improve your current level of function and fitness.

Principle of Myofascial Release, PNF and Dynamic Stretching are utilized during this hands on approach to Wellness.
Functional Fitness exercises use various upper and lower body movements at the same time to emphasize core stability.  
Functional Fitness exercises are designed to train your muscles to work together in preparation for daily tasks at home work or sports activity.
Functional exercises utilize multiple joints and numerous muscle groups simultaneously.  This type of training is not age specific. Younger age groups benefit with improved agility, flexibility, endurance and core strength while older adults can improve their balance, stability, reduce injury and improve your quality of life.

With one on one sessions you will receive a personalized home exercise program, individualized and progressive exercises specific to your needs.

One on One sessions can address
*Sports Performance Training
*PreHab or Post Op Exercises (essential for orthopedic joint replacement surgeries with approval from your MD) 
*Acute or Chronic Back Care
*Balance-Vestibular-Fall Prevention *Posture & Dynamic Stretching
*Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening
*Yoga Therapy

Initial Assessment Session $135.00

Single Follow Up Sessions $75.00

3 Follow Up Sessions $180.00

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