Essential Oils Workshops

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Essential Oils for Kids and Animal Companions

Make and Take Workshop

Saturday, January 27th  from 2-3:30pm

If you have an animal companion or a child, then this class is for you! Come learn about dōTERRA essential oils and how they can support the emotional and physical health of Fido and Frankie. With the new information you have learned, you will make 1 special essential oil blend geared towards your choice of pet or child with guidance from Meg Caveney, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. 

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Essential Oils for Chakra Balancing Workshop

Saturday, January 27th from 5-6:30pm

Join us for this engaging and informative session! Chakras are energy centers in the body that affect our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Essential oils are compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and plants - we use them as a natural alternative to support our health. We will review the positive impact essential oils have for our emotional and physical bodies and then learn what imbalanced chakras look like. We will put our education to work as we go through chakra balancing exercises using dōTERRA essential oils and positive affirmations. 

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Everyday Health Support with Essential Oils

Sunday, January 28th, from 11-12:30pm


Essential Oils are are compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and plants that are used as a natural alternative to support our health. Learn the buzz about dōTERRA's essential oils, what sets them apart from other essential oil companies, how essential oils are used and the impact they have made on people's lives - on a global and local level. Smell, try and see for yourself! 

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About Meg Caveney

Meg is a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, a Reiki 1 Practitioner and is Certified in Small Animal Massage Therapy from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Meg spent most of her life with unexplained emotional and physical sensitivities to her environment, medications and food.  In 2011 at age 33, she started working with a team of integrative doctors and a Naturopath who assisted her in finding the root cause of her symptoms. After diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimotos Thyroid Disease and Leaky Gut Meg had to eliminate any foods, medications, cleaning/body products, clothing and chemicals that would exacerbate her symptoms.  In 2013 she was introduced to dōTERRA when she saw a woman use it to support her son’s immunity when he was not feeling well. Anytime she used something previously to support her health, she would have had reactions such as anxious feelings and sleeplessness due to additives. After learning of their natural foundation and using them on herself, family members and animal companions and seeing the impact, she committed to making it part of her “healthy life tool box” and teaching as many people as she can as to how they can affect their lives in a positive way.

Meg lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with her wife Alice and their 3 animal companions: Hamlet (Box Turtle - 20 years old), Mochi (Maltese  - 7 years old and Miso (Maltipoo  - 2 years old).  Her favorite podcast is 2 Dope Queens and she loves to hike and travel in her spare time.