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Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions

With Sheri Avera

30 Minutes for $55/ by appointment


Relax in your chair while immersing your feet into a large crystal singing bowl as it sings a beautiful frequency throughout your entire body. Sheri Avera, certified Reiki and IET energy worker will play the bowl while you take in this sound healing for your body, mind and spirit. Singing bowls have been around since before Egyptian times. They were (and still are) used to help align the body chakras and release harmful emotional tension. Many people have had very positive experiences both during and after their crystal bowl session. Some people have felt as though a weight had been lifted and some people have felt a higher connection with Devine Spirit. Others may feel a little uneasy during the session as their body resists release. Still some people have felt nothing during the session but over the next few days noticed a positive difference in their sleep patterns or in parts of their body where pain was before. Everyone is different so you will have your own unique experience but most everyone comes away with a positive outcome.