Ayurveda Services 

Explore the ancient wisdom and teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda presented in practical and accessible ways.  

Learn how to best support your unique mind/body type with foods, herbs, yoga,  daily lifestyle practices or Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning.


What is Ayurveda? 

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Ayurveda Nutritional Consultations


Do you want to know what foods to avoid that could trigger or worsen your health problems?  Or what diet will give you the best possible health?  This in depth consultation focuses on detailed dietary advice for your dosha (body type) and imbalance.  It stresses what you require for optimum health by defining what food types agree with your constitution and personal needs.

What benefits will I get from an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation?

An in depth consultation focusing on detailed dietary advice for your dosha type and imbalance. You will learn:

  • what foods to avoid that may trigger your chronic health issues or problems

  • the foods to eat that are most suited to your constitution (dosha type) and individual needs

  • what to do if you have eaten the wrong type of food, indulged etc

  • what you can do to support your digestion and what foods you can absorb most nutrients from

  • seasonal eating (fresh, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables)

  • eating the right foods at the right times of the day

  • eating the right combinations of foods in the right quantity

  • the best methods of preparing food, for your dosha type

  • eating hygiene – mindful eating, chewing, eating at the table, no TV etc.

First Consultation: $115.00

Follow up Consultation: $75.00

First Session & 3 Follow Up Consultations (Recommended): $300.00

The Art of selfcare Ayurveda Program


Are you ready for a full lifestyle makeover? Are you committed to changing the way you are living? Are there areas of your life that you have been working on for years but can't seem to break through?  Have you made changes before but have failed to stick will them? This is an in depth, 10 week program that focuses on improving every aspect of your life with simple practices from Ayurveda and Yoga.  We will cover eating, bedtime and morning routines, diet, yummy self-care practices, meditation and more.  These essential teachings will allow to live and age with grace, vibrancy and clarity. 

What benefits will I get from The Art of Self Care Ayurveda Program?

A 10 week step by step plan to break unhealthy habits and replace them with a lifestyle to help you thrive! We will meet for weekly consultations and to create a plan for your personal success in this program. What you can expect after the 10 weeks:

  • an abundance of energy

  • better, more restful sleep

  • more energized upon waking

  • improved digestion and elimination

  • a clear and light mind (no brain fog!)

  • less feelings of fear, anger, worry or anxiety

  • eating the right foods at the right times of the day

  • eating the right combinations of foods in the right quantity

  • a self care routine that puts YOU first and nourishes you on every level

  • a lighter and stronger body (and possibly have shed a few extra pounds)

  • a daily routine that brings a sense of calm and balance to your life

  • a deeper or more established yoga practice

  • a balanced work, social and personal life

  • motivated and excited about your life

10 Session (once a week for 10 weeks):  $500   

Session can also be done via Skype or Phone

Nadine's Cooking and Meal Planning Lessons


I am always asked about what I eat, how I cook, and what my favorite recipes are. Over the past ten years I have slowly shifted and refined my cooking and shopping skills, and now I want to share that with you! 

Having the information on what foods are best suited for your dosha and learning how to integrate this information into your everyday meal planning can be two unaligned skills. Nadine's Cooking and Meal planning will help you meld together the information with the practical skills in an  easy and affordable way. Maybe we will take a trip to the grocery store, maybe we will asses your pantry, maybe we will cook together or maybe you just need a resource of recipes that work for you. Each session is tailored for your cooking and meal planning needs. Together we will discover what is preventing you from nourishing yourself and create a plan to tackle those blocks. 

What benefits will I get from Nadine's Cooking and Meal Planning?

  • simple cooking for your dosha

  • meal planning that is quick, easy and fun

  • cooking with dietary restrictions

  • pickling and canning

  • creativity with cooking

  • eating with the season

  • meal preparation

  • pantry assessment & overhaul

  • grocery shopping guidance

  • how to cook on a budget

  • eating for your dosha

  • introduction to ayurveda spices

  • how to stock your fridge and pantry

Please note this is not a meal service although there may be cooking demonstration. Cooking demonstrations may be done in the studio or in your home. All cooking demos will be at your cost.  

First Lesson: $115.00 

Follow up Lessons: $75.00

First Lesson & 2 Follow Lessons (Recommended): $250.00