Class Descriptions

We welcome students of all levels, although you must be able to transition from seated to standing easily and without assistance. All students are encourage to listen to their own inner voice and practice at their own pace.

Yoga for Every Body

Yoga for Every Body is for anyone would like to increase flexibility, endurance and find balance in their body and mind. We use blocks and straps to enhance the yoga experience and make sure every students is comfortable and stable in their practice. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Restorative Yoga for Back and Hip Health

Restorative yoga is a gateway to deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The class consists of passive yoga poses which are held for an extended period, no physical exertion is necessary, you are COMFORTABLY supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks, there is no tension or straining. It is meant to encourage relaxation via the release of tension in the muscles and spine.  This class is a very low intensity all level class and appropriate for everyone, especially those receiving from injury or illness. 

Gentle Yoga

An all-levels class for anyone who would like to increase flexibility and feel GOOD after a yoga class. We avoid any poses that put pressure on the wrists, knees or shoulders such as downward dog or table-top pose.  Although this is a gentle class you will feel the poses as we take the time to address every joint and major muscles group in the body. This is also a great class for athletes who are looking to implement a stretching regime into their workout. 

Gentle Beach Yoga:

This class moves at a slower pace and allows you to enjoy beautiful ocean waves and Florida sunshine or sunset. Gentle Beach Yoga is suitable to all students regardless of their level or experience in yoga.  Class is held on beautiful, quiet Manasota Beach in Englewood

Stretching for Longevity:

This class will release stress, tone your muscles, strengthen your central nervous system, relax and focus your mind, and tap unused energy reserves. These positive outcomes are integral to feeling a greater sense of balance and wellness. The components of this class include easy to do stretches on or above your mat, several standing isometric exercises and light meditation.

Kidding Around Yoga for Kids

Get ready for a new idea in children's yoga! KAY  is kid-centered, music-based, energetic, and full of creative movement, stories, games, fun props, and magic yoga-mat rides.Develop coordination, flexibility, strength and balance, while learning yoga postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and relaxation. We'll cultivate creativity, cooperation, positivity, an attitude of gratitude, kindness toward self and others, clear minds and joyful hearts.Enjoy happy, healthy fun, playfully singing and dancing our way through yoga, inspiring lots of peaceful children.