Yoga for Motivation

A few months back I found myself in stagnation, a humungous rut, have you had an experience like this?  I was incredibly unmotivated, tired, and drained….I felt slow and sludgy. I wasn’t practicing yoga, I was eating to many sweets and I was zoning out in front of the telli. It took me a bit to realize that my Kapha was out of balance, it was one of those things that was so obvious it became hidden, then, like the sun rising in the morning, it dawned on me. I pulled out all my well-worn Ayurveda references, just to make sure….and to map out a plan for re-balancing and using yoga for motivation.

I needed some vigorous movement, but not just a fast paced sun salutation sequence. What I really needed was to release some Kapha energy by moving deeply into poses that were most beneficial for reducing Kapha. I needed to get quiet, turn my attention inward and listen to my body. This is exactly what is at the heart of yoga. Listening. Discovering. Inward Focus. This can be done to suite each dosha.  Read on to find the pose for your dosha and to see how and why it benefits your body.

Get Motivated With These Yoga Poses

Kapha Energizers

Warming up the body prior to starting any practice is a necessity, begin with 12 rapid rounds of Sun Salutations to counteract Kapha’s slow, cold and stable nature. Poses that will balance and relieve Kapha will open and expand the chest where Kapha tends to accumulate. Kapha influences the sinuses, nostrils, throat and lungs, mountain and bridge poses expand the intercostal area where the muscle bands surround the rib cage and respond to the contractions of the diaphragm.  Plow helps to relieve congestion in the chest and throat and lungs with constriction. Plow also helps increase flexibility of Kapha where the tendency is to be energetically and physically rigid and stiff.  With the in breath draw the energy up through the tips of your toes and out through your fingertips, drawing the energy up and out in this way with give Kapha a sense of lightness.

Warming Up Vata

Warming up Vata will benefit from 12 rounds of slow Sun Salutations used as a meditative practice to counteract its warm, dry and quick nature. Poses that will balance and relieve excess Vata will stretch and relax the pelvic cavity, the dominion of Vata. The Vata constitution is related to the small and large intestine, Spinal Twist, Cat and Cow will for a ‘wringing out’ of the intestine and spine, allowing for a physical and energetic loosening of Vata. Vata will also benefit from spending extra time in Resting Pose, allowing the mind relief from fast thought and allowing the body to restore its quickly depleted energy.

Cool Energy For Pitta

Pitta will benefit from starting with 12 round of Moon Salutations to counteract its hot, oily and sharp nature. The seat of Pitta is in the Solar Plexus, and is in charge of balancing and maintaining the other two doshas. Pitta is related to liver, spleen, stomach and pancreas in the body.  Camel and bow will benefit Pitta by activating the energy of the solar plexus chakra through the opening and lifting of the hips, and lengthening through the front and back bodies. In bow the balancing of the posture will allow the Self to surrender to the pose, a much needed relief for the competitive Pitta. With the hips and front body pressed into the floor, bow also allow for a gentle massage of the organs related to Pitta. Lotus physically opens the hips allowing for a sense of balance throughout the entire body. By allowing the body to come to complete stillness and turning the focus inward in this pose it give pacify Pitta’s competitive nature

(Nadine's Guest Blog from Dosha Fit