Where can you learn more!? Pinterest!

For Ayurvedic recipes, lifestyle tips and a more in-depth look at yoga check out our Pinterests Boards!

Ok, so I've been on Pinterest for awhile, mostly pinning the usual House of my Dreams and Kids Crafts type stuff. And then I tool this AH-MAZING 7 day online cleanse with Amanda Stanley of  Jupiters Labyrinth and I was wowed with her use of Pinterest! She incorporated her Pinterest Boards into the cleanse as a tool for recipes and self-care.  How (simply) brilliant! 

So off I went, re-organizing and updating my Pinterest board to be of more service to myself and  YOU! 

What's on there? Well for starters, literally, if you are just starting a yoga practice, check out my Yoga for Every Body! You can find the basic of yoga and poses to get you started at home, and learn a little more about the practice. 

Or check the Meditation, Mantras and Mudras Boards (mudras are special hand positions in yoga, super fun- and powerful!) 

I have also created Recipes & Food~ Preventative Medicine to give you some of my favorite recipes so you feel good! 

AND lost more! Yoga for Back Health, Yoga for Better Sleep, Migraine Relief, Yoga and Ayurveda for Menstruation, Dosha specific boards. Get on Pinterest and check it out! Let me know  what you think, and if there is a board you would like to see!