Astrology Workshops with Alexander Mallon 


Alexander Mallon has been a professional astrologer, counselor, and spiritual therapist for over thirty years. He has been a pioneer in combining astrological practice with the fields of psychotherapy and healing, providing counseling services to clients as well as training to traditional counselors and therapists in astro-mythology. 
He holds a degree in Art Therapy from C.W. Post University, L.I.U., and a Certification of Astrological Study from the Astrological Research Center of New York. Alexander has also received training at the Hartford Family Institute in Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy.


Please join us for these very special events, Alexander comes through Englewood on his yearly trip to the Keys and considers The Open Studio one of his favorite places to stop and hold an event! 

Alexander will also be available for private readings at a special 15% discount. Please contact the studio to schedule your private session!


Surfing the Cosmic Wave

Cost: $40.00

Saturday, January 28th 1-4:40

An Astrological perspective on chaos, riptide and re-birth!

Learn how to ride the flow of the cosmic tide and ride the best surf to connect to your highest self! 

You will learn how your birth-chart illustrates your strengths and limitations, how the synchronicity of planetary trends affects your personal growth, what your life lessons are,   where your power lies and what spiritual gifts you have been given.


The Astrological Meaning of Our Relationships

Cost: $75.00

Date: Saturday, March 18th 1-5:00

This small, intensive workshop will give an insight into our most intimate connections and what we can learn from them. 

Perhaps the most revealing views your personal astrological chart can give you are as a mirroring of your emotional, psychological and- most important- spiritual connections to people closest to you in your life. 

Exactly where do you connect with these people? What are the most important lessons you are destined to learn from one another? How can you be most objective and 'clear sighted' to nurture these important and meaningful relationship?

Private Readings 

Alexander will be available on Friday January 27th for 75 minutesprivate readings.  

He is offering 15% off his usual price o $190, reducing the cost to just $160.00

Call the Studio to make an appointment!