Ashley Ellis 


Ashely Ellis, YT200

In 2007, I found myself in need of relief from the stress and anxiety I was experiencing during the last few months leading up to my graduation from college. I often found myself anxious about preparing for exams and completing the many assignments that are part of academia. Senior year was special though, bringing on a whole new level of stress as I was transitioning from a life of routine and direction having been in school for the majority of my life, to striking my own path. This was also happening during the greatest recession of our time!

I was blessed to find relief through the practice of yoga. I was hooked after my first class, when during savasana (the final resting pose for all yoga classes) I was able to rest in stillness, without the constant worrying thoughts I had cycled in my mind for so long! 

Since then, I have held a regular yoga practice, completing a 200 hour teacher training in hatha yoga in 2013. Yoga has always been a source of respite for me and has given me stability, strength and community in an ever changing environment. I hope to share my knowledge of yoga to help others become more aware of their own peace through the connection of body, mind, and breath.

Ashley has been working in her field of Wildlife Ecology since successfully graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Maine in 2007. She continues to seek inspiration in developing her yoga practice and teachings through workshops offered by senior yoga teachers from around the world including the likes of Alan Finger, Julie Gudmestad, Dr. Carrie Demers, Doug Swenson, Liz Owen, Tias Little and Sadhguru.